USB Flash Drives

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USB Flash Drives

USB Flash Drives










We Have USB Flash Drives! Many style and material options including wood and bamboo,  even custom designed shapes!

Quick domestic turnaround available.


Our Vendor has continued to be a leader in supplying Flash Memory devices for the promotional market. Early on, they quickly saw the potential and became one of the first suppliers in our field. The seemingly simple flash memory drive has become a virtually indispensable tool in our modern lives, either for home or for work. Anyone can use a flash drive and that is what makes it great for promoting a brand. Not only can we create custom logoed products we can add photos, meeting summaries, agendas, video and more to the drive before they are handed out. The flash drive can become an interactive media device offering pages and pages of material in something that can fit into the palm of your hand.


Quality Certified Factory Operations


Due to its popularity, there is a sea of promotional suppliers offering flash memory. Many of those companies have gone to find manufacturers in China based solely on finding the lowest possible price with little regard for quality. However, as with anything else, you get what you pay for. No one wants to receive a product, especially in technology, that does not work properly. We are committed to every product we provide for the long term and have created partnerships with our suppliers to ensure consistent quality standards. In addition our vendor is committed to ensuring working conditions in our factories meet all local laws and international standards. Audits are conducted by 3rd party inspectors to check all records for compliance. Our factory follows strict quality guidelines per our association with the Quality Certification Alliance (QCA) andis ISO9001:2008 certified.


Our Hong Kong operations provide another layer of assurance as they oversee and check details on each order placed to be sure everything is perfect and on time. Every order is important to us and each order you place will go through a minimum of 7 checks before ever leaving the factory. We also perform regular visits to our factory location and hold meetings with engineers to ensure we are getting the best quality product at the best value.


The Chip


Upwards of 90% of the value of the drive is in the chip so it is by far the most important component. We only use Grade-A original flash memory chips, Samsung Micron the best available on the market. The memory chip is the key component that makes the flash drive great. Using a good quality memory chip will provide the user with a long lasting quality product. Grade A original means they are produced from makers such as Hynix, Samsung, Micron and Toshiba and are printed with the makers unique identifier code. We do not manufacture with nor do we recommend reused or refurbished chips also called black or white chips. These chips are inferior, don’t contain a real manufacturers label, are unstable which could translate to data loss and usually have a lower capacity of available memory than what was purchased. For example, a 1GIG chip may only have 650MB of useable space that is several hundred MB’s less than what was purchased. And with lower grade chips you run the added risk of damaged memory cells that will decrease the available memory over time.


The Controller


The memory chip needs a controller to communicate with your computer.

We use a high speed 48bit ECC (Error CorrectionCode) controller to increase reliability by reducing read/write disturbance errors. As the information is going back and forth from the computer to the flash memory chip, the controller will make sure the information is transferred quickly and accurately. Our controller supports various memory sizes, PC boot up, customized

VID/PID, autorun, write protection, password protection and secure partitioning.


The Circuit Board


The memory chip, controller and components are mounted onto the circuit board using our in-house SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) machine. Trained engineers then check every PCBA to ensure all parts are secure before moving on to the next steps. If all components are not assembled correctly onto the circuit board you will experience malfunctions. We work very hard to prevent this with the numerous quality checks during our manufacturing process.


Read / Write Speeds


The quality of the controller and memory chip plays a big role in the drives read/write speeds that affect how long it takes to load, view and remove files on and off the drive. Other factors such as how many other programs you have running and computer performance also play a role in speeds. Because of this we set all of our drives to a minimum allowable speed performance. You may experience much faster transfer rates than this but this is the minimum you can expect from our drives.


Minimum Read = 8MB/sec Minimum Write = 2.5MB/sec


Fixed Memory Capacity


To verify you receive the MB availability you are paying for we set all of our drives to a minimum allowable capacity as per the chart below. This chart shows the fixed memory rates so we can guarantee you will not receive a drive with less memory than it should have. Unfortunately in this business there are dishonest manufacturers that actually trick the chip into thinking it has more memory than it actually has so it appears to be a 1GIG drive when in reality it’s only 64MB. Our fixed memory capacity proves our drives are of the quality and capacity you expect.


All final products meet RoHS standards, FCC and CE requirements.

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